Women’s Empowerment Can Change the World!

Our mission is to provide women with job skills, self-development tools, inspire women, and instill innovation in our communities, to empower women to build purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Our programs aim to provide women with programs, tools, and communities needed for those who may not have the same opportunities as others.

Believing in our mission and values, we have successfully designed and delivered many development and training programs for empowering women and girls, and they had a great impact on the short term and long term as well, as we have developed tools and metrics for measuring the impact of our programs on women participating in these programs.


Women in Leadership

Unlocking women’s potential to enhance organizational effectiveness in Arab countries.

Supporting the ability of women to succeed and advance economically leads to healthy and productive households, growing businesses, and the well-being of communities and nations. However, despite progress in promoting increased investments in gender equality, women still face significant barriers to achieving their full potential.

The Women In Leadership Program builds on research that identifies the key factors that have proved vital to successful women leaders. It aims to empower women in the business environment and help them to develop both their inner confidence to realize their career potential and the practical skills required to lead themselves and others effectively. This program is designed to respond to the new challenges that face women in the mid-level and professional ranks by focusing on a variety of leadership development training modules to build their capacities as successful and empowered leaders.

As in many countries, women in Arab countries face several forms of gender discrimination. in terms of the relative disparities between women and men in four areas: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health survival.

Our intervention aimed to empower young Arabic women by providing them with business and skills training and supporting them in starting a business or seeking employment.

The training program consisted of three main components: 

  1. business skills training.
  2. interpersonal training.
  3. life skills, legal rights, and civic education

 The business skills curriculum is delivered over 12 weeks.