The HRM Department plays an increasingly critical role as it drives various departments into constructive cooperation towards better workflow, higher productivity which translated into enhanced organisational results.

American Institute supports its clients in obtaining the maximum benefits of the Human Resources department and defining its strategic directions, to ensure optimal leveraging of the human capital within the context of the future vision of the organization. We design the HR strategy for managing the organization’s human capital and we align it with the overall business activities. The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR, including hiring, succession planning, performance appraisal, development, career path planning, and compensation.

Human Resources Compliance Audit

No matter the size of your organisation, it is crucial that the Human resources activities are aligned with the business strategy and  best practice processes.

The American Institute offers HR compliance audit services that aims to discover the most risky areas, and sets strategies  to counteract those risks.

Succession Planning

Our Strategic Succession Planning Service helps our partner to identify critical positions, potential successors, and skills gaps while providing employees with insight into future career path objectives.

Succession planning and managing key positions transitions for maximum continuity of operations, retention of institutional knowledge, and organizational sustainability.

Organizational Culture

We aim to ensure that the purpose of the employee is aligned with the purpose of the organization. We will ensure that employees are engaged, motivated, and are driven by the organization’s vision and values. Our organizational culture improvement services leverage market research, and industry insights to help organizations develop and execute critical programs for employees’ engagement and retention.

Our consultants provide a wide range of organizational culture services including cultural assessment, organizational values, employees’ engagement and relations programs, code of conduct, orientation program, business etiquette, recognition programs, and internal communication enhancement programs.

Recruitment, Testing, & Selection

The recruitment processes hold as much value to either make or break an organization. Recruiting the right people with the right talent for the right position has become increasingly difficult.

We provide a comprehensive range of recruitment services to ensure that you hire the most fit individuals to your team. Our services include job analysis,  job description, recruitment systems, assessment centre services, selection tools development, executive search, and tests’ administration

Performance Management

The American Institute can help organizations design a performance management system that will ensure the organization is getting the best out of its employees. And with improved performance from employees, there will be a better overall result for the organization overall performance and productivity.

Hierarchal Structure:

The hierarchal structure supports organisations in defining job descriptions, allocating tasks, identifying areas of responsibilities and accountabilities, and identifying future promotion potential.

The American Institute can help organisations evaluate current hierarchal structures, identify potential re-structuring areas and define job descriptions and  to optimize productivity and efficiency.