We have more than 15 years of experience in the Microfinance sector

Our services for Microfinance Institutions enable them to have efficient and customer-focused operational processes, build appropriate human resources management and develop a comprehensive Talent Management Framework.

Our team is an expert in conducting comprehensive Organizational Assessment, and we have conducted this assessment for many MFIs who want an external review of their overall performance. 

Many institutions would like an external review of their overall performance. Such organizations find our assessments very useful, as we do not only provide our findings and comments but more importantly, we provide them with solid recommendations and solutions.

We work with our clients & partners to achieve sustainable performance improvements and unlock enduring value. 

Training Programs for the Microfinance Sector

American Institute for Consulting & Training has designed and delivered several Training Programs for the MF sector through the Sanabel Arab network, SANAD, USAID, IFC, and other funders. 

  • ​Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Program for Middle Management
  • Induction Programs for Loan Officers
  • Career Planning
  • Coaching Skills for Branch Managers
  • Client Services – Loan officers
  • Train the Trainer – for several training topics
  • Women Leadership Program-Empowering Women for Leading Change in the MF Sector
  • Change Management in the MF sector
  • Human Resources for HR professional in the MFIs
  • Branch Managers Capacity Building
  • Value-based Leadership
  • How to Measure Social Responsibility Impact

Some of our clients and partners in the Microfinance Sector:

  • ​The German Development Bank (SANAD)
  • Sanabel – The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries
  • IPC – Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH
  • Microfund for Women – Jordan
  • ​International Finance Cooperation (IFC)
  • TANMEYAH – Micro Enterprise Services – Egypt
  • VITAS Jordan
  • Positive Planet US
  • Enda Tamweel Tunis
  • The Alexandria Businessmen Association – ABA – Egypt – Funded by IFC
  • Ibdaa – Lebanon for Microcredit
  • Life USAID ​– Lebanon
  • Jordan USAID
  • Finca – Jordan
  • Dakahlya Businessmen’s Association for Microfinance – Egypt
  • Tamweelcom – Jordan
  • ​Al Tadamun Microfinance